Qualität und Umwelt

Environmental protection at Klingelnberg

Environmental Policy is included in our Corporate Policy

The Environmental Protection became more and more important during the last years in our society and concerns also the companies.

As a producing enterprise we consider it our special duty to contribute for sustained environment-friendly Economies.

For this reason we established an Environment Management System. We want to have ourselves concerned in applying the Environment Protection in our Company and to improve it continuously.

Through the below listed Environmental Policy of our Company we intend to inform Customers, Suppliers, interested Public, Officials, Associations as well as our staff Members about our goals for the Environment Protection.

REACH regulation

The European Chemical Agency ECHA has published on its Internet page a candidate list of Substances of Very High Concern, which satisfy the criteria of Article 57 of the above mentioned REACH regulation and which have been evaluated according to Article 59 of the regulation. List of Substances of Very High Concern.

We wish to inform you that none of the products sold by us contain any of the Substances of Very High Concern referred to in Article 33(2) of the above mentioned regulation. An extended material safety data sheet (MSDS) containing the information required for the safe use of the product is included in the appendix of the machine documentation.

Quality Assurance, Environmental Protection and Work Safety Policy

The KLINGELNBERG Group is a world leader in the area of gearing and precision measurement technology. Our primary focus is maintaining high quality standards for our products and services. The highest expectations for customer satisfaction, environmentally friendly, energy-efficient manufacturing methods and the best possible work safety and health protection form the basis for our company's long-term evolution. Quality, environmental protection and work safety are key elements of our corporate goals. We exercise our responsibility toward our customers, employees and the environment through process-oriented management systems.

We do so according to the following principles:

Implementation of and compliance with legal regulations and observance of our customers' requirements are the basis for our actions.

  • Each of our employees is aware of the important position he or she holds with respect to quality, work safety and environmental protection, as well as the assurance of internal and external customer satisfaction.

  • Each one is responsible for the achievement of our goals; we promote this through the ongoing training and qualification and continuing education of our employees.

  • Even during the development stage of our products and services, we maintain the highest expectations for quality, conservation of resources, efficient use of energy, as well as work safety and health protection. Our actions are supported by an extensive range of measures to ensure prevention and preparedness. These also include preventive measures for avoiding and limiting potential damage claims.
  • In achieving our goals in the areas of quality, environmental protection and work safety, we are in continuous, intensive dialog with employees, suppliers, customers, associations and authorities, with the requirements resulting from this serving as our motivation.
  • Through continuous internal and external assessment of our management systems and the development of appropriate measures, we attain a process of continuous improvement and advancement of our overall performance.

With this declaration, the Executive Board and all employees pledge to act according to the principles of this Quality Assurance, Environmental Protection and Work Safety Policy.

For questions or other issues please contact: +49 2192 81-0, E-mail: info(at)klingelnberg.com

Hueckeswagen, September 2015