OERLIKON Bevel Gear Cutting Machine C 30

Leading-Edge Technology for Optimal Flexibility and Maximum Productivity

Thanks to ongoing advancement of the vertical concept with minimal traversing paths, the new Oerlikon bevel gear cutting machine C 30 sets new standards in dry processing. All bevel gear machines in this unique series are equipped with a thermostable, vibration-damping machine bed. The cutting machine utilizes an optimized axis arrangement, resulting in reduced approach paths that ensure a significantly reduced load on the drive components and at the same time a stiffer design of the complete system. Above and beyond this, an integrated deburring tool enables maximum productivity and flexibility, along with utmost process safety.

The innovative machine concept is a winner thanks to its high-speed workpiece change capability, with minimal retooling and auxiliary times to boot. In practically no time, components are completely cut, deburred, and ejected. Owing to its vertical axis concept, the C 30 has an optimal chip flow and ensures systematic prevention of chip accumulation in the working chamber.

Intuitive Operating Concept with Trend-Setting Touch Technology

A key feature of this machine series is its innovative touchscreen operating concept and ultra-modern, trend-setting control technology. Unlike standards commonly found on the market, users no longer need extensive training due to the machine's visual workflow assistance and easy touchscreen navigation. In just a few steps, the machining cycle is completely configured. An intelligent warning function within the menu navigation prevents costly incidents and downtime from even occurring in the first place. This guarantees the user a high degree of production reliability.

Highlights at a Glance

  • Continual development of the vertical concept with minimal traversing paths 
  • New materials with optimal attenuation properties while providing an extremely stiff construction and thermal stability 
  • Integrated deburring in the same setting as for gear cutting 
  • New operating software with touchscreen display and clearly arranged screen configuration 
  • Vertical spindle arrangement makes fixture changes easy 
  • Up to 10 % higher productivity compared with the C 29 
  • Optimal energy efficiency thanks to recovery and on-demand powering of units