Power Skiving

Power Skiving

Klingelnberg presents its latest innovation – Power Skiving. The newly developed tool system can be used on bevel gear cutting machines and guarantees a productive, stable and precise production process, particularly for internal gears. 100 years after the invention of this process Klingelnberg enables the breakthrough of Power Skiving as a manufacturing method. The new tooling system allows for the full potential of Power Skiving to be exploited.


  • 10 times faster processing times compared to shaping
  • smooth flanks without feed marks or scratches
  • 20% shorter processing times compared to hobbing
  • high gear quality due to precise tooling and dynamic machines

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Process video Power Skiving
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Energy-efficient, productive and flexible

Although the process of Power Skiving is more than 100 years old, it has remained insignificant due to unsuitable tooling and a lack of machine dynamic. Only through Klingelnberg´s innovation to apply a stick blade system for Power Skiving could the technical problems with regard to tool life and gear quality be completely solved.

This cutter head system with the new SKIVON cutter heads offers the highest possible flexibility for an optimal cutting edge design. As the cutting edge profiles can be produced by the user themselves on conventional stick blade grinding machines, long delivery terms for expensive shaping tools with unsatisfactory tool life have become a thing of the past. These precise tools and the dynamic qualities of the bevel gear cutting machine allows production qualities, which shaping, form milling or broaching will never achieve.


Stick blade system with the new SKIVON cutter head
Machine axes (red)
Overview of the principle

closed loop integration

The Closed-Loop technology, well-known in the field of bevel gears, is now available for the first time for cylindrical gears. Thus, 100 years after its invention, Power Skiving is experiencing a breakthrough as a recognized production technique.