Gear Operator

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Gear Operator

Software for cylindrical gear technology

Next-generation machine software

For the Höfler Speed Viper generating grinding machine, the tried and tested Höfler user interface has been carried over to the next generation of Gear Operator. Thanks to its modern architecture, intuitive and dynamic user interface and remarkable performance, as well as numerous interfaces, Gear Operator provides optimal support for prototype production and serial production alike. A well-designed operating concept and integration into the Klingelnberg Closed Loop process make it a powerful tool with countless add-on options.


  • Modern design, intuitive navigation, and clear menu layout 
  • Comprehensive management of all relevant tool and process parameters
  • Workpiece-specific, optimized machining and loading cycles
  • Automated quality control in Klingelnberg Closed Loop system
  • Digital identification of tools and clamping fixtures
  • Preliminary analysis of traversing paths based on a highly precise 3D machine model
  • Context-sensitive help in words, images, and videos
  • Finish grinding and polishing
  • Topological grinding of specific twists
  • Grinding of beveloid gears
  • Preventive maintenance and process monitoring
  • Remote maintenance via Klingelnberg Service Gate
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