Gear Production

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Gear Production

HÖFLER Cylindrical Gear Technology

The Höfler machine operating software: All in One

The machine operating software Gear Production is the unmistakable heart of the Höfler cylindrical gear machinery series RAPID, HELIX, VIPER. The all-in-one solution with infinite possibilities. On both gear grinding and gear cutting machines, the operator will experience the same operating concept with a clear setup and numerous assistants for generating machining orders and for machine operation and control. The offline version for job engineering also includes the full 3D machine model for collision check and process design.


  • Standardized operating concept and graphical user interface
  • 3D collision monitoring with complete 3D machine model
  • Offline version for job engineering
  • Grinding expert for generation and profile grinding
  • Bias control for generation and profile grinding
  • Topological grinding in profile grinding
  • Dressable and non-dressable tools
  • Multiple gearings
  • Numerous types of gearings (involute and non-involute gearings, cycloids, Hirth gearings, cylindrical worms, asymmetric gearings, double helix gearings)


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